Welcome to AAPA

Welcome to the website of the Agency for the Audit of European Union

programmes Implementation System (AAPA)!

The purpose of this website is, at first, to provide you with the comprehensive information and data about AAPA as well as about European Union assistance programmes, IPA and SAPARD.
In the Decentralised Implementation System of the EU funded programmes, AAPA has the role of the Audit Authority, which is functionally independent of all stakeholders in management systems in the Republic of Albania. AAPA performs activities from the scope of work according to internationally accepted audit standards, establishes and implements the strategy as well as the annual plans of verification. AAPA also performs auditing of business activities of all bodies responsible for and included into the system of programmes" implementation.
Moreover, our task is to inspect and verify the efficiency of the management and control systems in programmes" implementing bodies aiming to ensure the purposeful and legal use of EU funds.
We also give recommendations for the improvement of business activities and we monitor the implementation of programmes inspecting the coherence of the reports on the implementation of EU programmes with the binding EU regulations.
Therefore, our scope of activities is rather comprehensive and has a special significance for the overall implementation of programmes, from its mere beginning to the closure. This is why the cooperation with all bodies participating in the implementation of programmes, from national and European institutions to final beneficiaries and state officials or authorities, is extremely important to us.
In this way we would like to give a clear insight into our work and our role. I sincerely hope that you will find out all the information you need, You will also find many interesting things about the system of the programmes" implementation and you will meet our team of expert auditors who contribute to all of us and to the welfare and future of our beautiful homeland of Albania with all of their devotion to work and their efforts in the process of pre-accession to the EU.

Yours sincerely,